We work closely with our partners to help put your business first. Whether it's just server hosting or a fully bespoke backoffice system we've got your back.

Here is a small sample of projects we've worked on recently.


Joseph Banks Society

Based in the stunning market town of Horncastle, the Joseph Banks Society have dedicated themselves to educating the general public about the world of botony and its historical origins. Home to multiple collections, reference library and a thriving tribute garden they have recently been taking a cautious step into the digital age.

As a company we have been providing help where needed to aid them in this Journey. This has been done by providing development support, database hosting and even making cups of tea.

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Based in the Netherlands plentyparts is a household white good part and technology retailer with both a physical store and digital presense to maintain and manage.

In partnership with Topdevelop NL we provided a full order management system alongside integrations with their existing systems such as their EPoS and Magento e-commerce website.

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All Green

Based in Somerset All-green specialise in eco friendly products for both the house and garden. They have a diverse product range split over their three e-commerce website with plenty more to come.

We're responsible for keeping their sites running day to day through the use of pro-active monitoring, security scanning and general maintenance.

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Originally developed for Exorath B.V (a game server network) UPanel was built to maintain and manage their complex multi-cloud infastructure.

Since then UPanel has grown to allow us to manage more day to day functions with cool features such as OpenStack integration for dynamic VM provisioning and p2p backups to improve restore time.

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Educational Outreach

In partnership with GPIO UK we offer a wide range of educational projects suitable for all ages.

Alongside the projects we offer free 1to1 teacher support, validation against the current computer science curriculum and loaned/discounted materials.

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