Hello! We're Clickpoint

We develop bespoke systems to help your game server or e-commerce website thrive. Allowing you to focus on your business whilst we deal with the software.

We work night and day to ensure your systems don't go down when it matters most. Ensuring both you and your customers are kept happy.

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Our Work

  • UPanel

    Non-specialised server management solution designed for both traditional and cloud hosting. Developed in partnership with Topdevelop

  • Exorath

    Server side application and extension development for a game server network

  • Joseph Banks Society

    Development and hosting support to help aid them transition to the digital age

  • All-Green

    Development and Hosting support for their e-commerce websites

  • Joseph Banks Limited

    Development support and EPoS integration for their webshop



Need help integrating your systems into one easily manageable solution?


Looking for a new website, develop an api or build an application?


Have a website in need of some much needed care or a bunch of servers needing updates?